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For the safety of our elders  we will no longer be allowing visitors in the building. We are sorry for any inconvenience



To Fullfill a Vision .... To bring our people home to their children.

AWE KUALAWAACHE CARE CENTER provides long term care for all people brought up in Crow Country, or for anyone who would be comfortable here.

Through cooperative effort with Health Managements Services and the Crow Tribe, this health care facility was started to serve the Crow Community, and meet the cultural needs of each individual resident.

The culture of a peoples can only be preserved through the passing of traditional ways and words from it's elders to it's youth. Designed with Native American Cultural influences, the centers chapel and sauna room allow for incorporation of ceremonial traditions by members of the resident family.

This care centers mission is cultural preservation between the elderly and the youth, and at the same time provide a standard of excellence in the business world of health care, that is uncompromised and unsurpassed. 

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Awe Kualawaache Care Center located on the Crow Tribe Indian Reservation where care and culture come together.

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Awe Kualawaache Care Center

10131 South Heritage Road Crow Agency MT

Available 24/7: (406) 638-9111

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